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Weight loss has never been so enjoyable

Because the Concept 2 rowing machine is non-impacting, it allows a great deal of versatility for people working out. Young, senior citizens, overweight and even people with some physical disabilities are able to exercise on it. The machine is also a weight bearing exercise meaning that the exerciser doesnít support their own weight like a treadmill for example. This means damage to major joints like knees and ankles are unlikely.

Overweight people can sit on the machine and get into a rowing rhythm and watch those calories burn away. This is the reason so many people use it all over the world. People in their 90s and as young as 4 years old have used it making the complete family exerciser.

When rowing many muscle groups are used and also the calorie burn rate is heavier than when using most other machines. The legs, lower back shoulders, upper back, shoulders and arms are all used to condition the body with one single exercise without fear of damaging your joints.

Another important consideration, in any exercise program, is motivation and this really helps your fitness goals when progress is being witnessed. This can happen in many ways but the Concept 2 has developed a unique way of watching self achievement. Setting distance or timed programs and then monitoring your improvements on the display unit can mean the difference between success and failure with your own personal fitness and weight loss goals.

Weather you are an athlete or a complete exercise beginner, the Concept 2 is a unique exercise machine and the reason why millions of people globally use it.

Begin 2006 with a resolution for greatest gift of all, better health. Seek advice from your physician if you feel unsure about starting a fitness regime.

At your local gym a fitness instructor can initiate a rowing exercise program. Start slowly and gradually build up a time or distance schedule. Using the new PM 3 monitor this has never been so easy. The monitor has a memory and a pace boat so your improvements will stimulate even better results.

Along with a sensible eating program losing a 0.5 kilo of weight per week will be achievable, that's 2 kilos per month and 12 kilos before summer starts kicking in.

June 2004

Dave pierce before and after just 3 months training.

This is what he has to say

In early 2004, I appeared on Channel 4's Fit Farm, which was broadcast every week day for 12 weeks, ending in May 2004. Upon entering I was 16 stone 1 pound, which at 5 foot 5" is not impressive!

"After our initial gym equipment training I knew that the Concept 2 Indoor Rower was the tool for me to achieve my goals. It works every major muscle group, so is great for all round fitness. It is an amazing feeling and you can really feel the difference in the muscles, especially the legs, triceps, shoulders and abs (in fact as a direct result of the rowing machine I have the start of a six-pack!).

"The Indoor Rower is also fantastic for rehabilitation as there is no impact, which was a major plus for me as I have bad knees due to skiing injuries.

"I would put 70% of my success down to rowing. The results it gave me were amazing. I lost more weight as a percentage of my body weight than any other guest in the Fit Farm. I was also the only one to use the Concept 2 as my main piece of equipment, which is probably no coincidence. In all, I lost 22% of my body weight in total, taking me to 12 stone 7 pounds.

"After coming out of the Fit Farm I was committed to carrying on with my fitness and rowing. As well as training by myself I have started up a Sunday morning exercise club with some friends and they all come to my house to have a 2,000 metre rowing competition on my Indoor Rower, which they all love. My aim now is to lose another 5 kilograms so that I can compete as a lightweight in the AXA PPP healthcare British Indoor Rowing Championship later this year.

"I strongly believe that if you only ever buy one piece of cardio equipment it should be the Indoor Rower as it is the most effective form of exercise I know. Quite simply, it's changed my life."

- David Pearce


Nick Gittings



An IT Consultant from Hawkinge in Kent who lost nine stone is aiming to continue his fitness regime and become one of the countryís top indoor rowers.

Nick Gittings is 36 years old and 6ft 5in tall and has been working out on the Concept 2 Indoor Rower to supplement his Slimming World programme and has gone from weighing 27st 11lb to 18st 11lb in only 18 months.

A combination of working long hours and living a sedentary lifestyle resulted in Nick putting on weight. His weight steadily increased over the last 10 years until last year he realised something had to be done following the need to have a custom-made wetsuit for a scuba diving trip.

"Iíd learnt to skydive when I was in the Army, and wishing to try this sport again in civvy street was devastated to find that my weight was miles away from the current safety limit," explained Nick.

"I then thought Iíd have a go at learning to fly but my weight and size were too much for a normal two-seater training plane. My third ambition was to learn to scuba dive but not finding a wetsuit to fit was a pretty humiliating experience."

Nickís wife was already a member of their local Slimming World group and was steadily losing weight. He decided to join her but with a few apprehensions: "I was expecting to walk into the Little Britain ĎFat Fightersí sketch but luckily it wasnít like that at all."

After three months of attending the classes, and losing more than a stone in weight, Nick decided to start going to the gym to improve his weight loss even more. He works as an IT Contractor for Fujitsu and luckily has a gym at his office which heís able to visit regularly.

"I spotted the Concept 2 in the gym and thought Iíd have a go. Once Iíd started training on it, I was hooked," said Nick.

"Iím now regularly training on the Concept 2 and Iím working on my times to hopefully become one of the best indoor rowers in the country. My personal best over 2,000m is 6 minutes 46 seconds which puts me in the top 160 in the country for my age at the moment. Iím going to try and beat that score at the British Indoor Rowing Championship later this year.

"Iím even hoping to get an Indoor Rower for my home so I can really work on my times. By continuing my training I plan to lose another two stone and get down to my target weight of 16 stone.

"I donít think I would have lost the weight I have, and at the pace that I have, without the Indoor Rower. Anyone who is think of losing weight should use the Concept 2, the change it brings to your life is staggering."

Why Ivan, a 19 year old economics student loves the Concept 2

Since I began training on the C2 10 months ago, my fitness ability has gone through the roof. From a mediocre start and a few slow 2000 meters, I have gone through levels of fitness I never imagined I had.

I won the Maltese under 18 indoor rowing championships 2006 and also the team event. My endurance training went from struggling to do 5k distances to doing good half marathon times. I also competed in the British indoor rowing championships and look forward to this yearís competition

I was born In Russia, my home is in Malta, I go to a London university but where ever I am, I will always train on the Concept 2

Why Claudette, a 28 year old teacher of Italian language hates the Concept 2

The Concept 2 is boring and hard work however, it has also changed my life with the weight I have lost while using it.

I started using the medieval torture machine a year ago and since that time I have lost 26 kiloís or 57pounds. My personal trainer based my work out on the C2 because it is non-impacting so a lot of the cardio work seemed to go on forever especially 10,000 meters.

My fitness has become something I only dreamed about, it is now very good and I have even started jogging for the first time in my life. I love the results, love what I have achieved but none of my Valentines day cardís will ever be addressed to the Concept 2 inventor  

Working all the Major Muscle Groups in the Body

As well as being a weight supported, non-jarring way of exercising the Indoor Rower makes full use of all the body's major muscle groups during your workout to give you a total body workout.


Good luck. If you have the willpower then Concept 2 has the ability to bring you there